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"Old Friends" (Vieux Amis) reunite to perform as a trio for the first time in over 20 years. A carefully crafted programme that draws equally on the varied expertise of three of Aotearoa’s most accomplished chamber musicians: James’s exquisite baroque practice and Sarah and Justine’s shared experiences with NZTrio’s modern outlook.

A first half focussed on J.S.Bach and Arvo Pärt, followed by Shostakovich’s muscular, invigorating second piano trio. A Shostakovich prelude and fugue stitch the two halves together.

This tour was Initially ‘Les Voisins’, French music throughout the centuries. With a player stuck in Sydney, James and Justine ‘made lemonade’ in inviting Sarah and putting together this superb musical event.

Vieux Amis performed at St George & St John Church, on Sunday 8th August at 4:00pm.

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